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Warning: tooth loss leads to bone loss.

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Need one of your teeth replaced ASAP?                                           Dr. Starkey can often place implant post and provisional crown           in one extended visit. Conditions apply of course

If you are looking for safe comfortable dental implant treatment you can afford then you have come to the right site.

 Take advantage of our Dental Implant Special: quality dental implant and post and acrylic/composite crown, pan x-ray, surgical guide & night guard if needed; all for only $1499. Just tell us you saw this offer on our web site.    Conditions apply

Call Melissa, our dental implant coordinator, to discuss your dental problem or you can ask to talk to Dr. Starkey directly.  
​Better still call us today, mention this ad for a complimentary (as in free) dental implant exam, Sedation Consult if interested and a free 2D Panoramic x-ray.     Call 402.926.4848

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Call about Our Internet Specials: individual implant and crowns starting from 1499; 4 implants and fixed lower bridge from 14,999.

  How might we be able to help you feel better again and  regain your youthful smile and feel more confident and more personable, more engaging, and respected; feel healthier and happier about life? Because after all what is the purpose of life if not to be happy; it certainly isn't meant for suffering. Solid Healthy teeth allow you to focus on getting back into the stream of life; in one visit eliminate your self-conscious  shyness that customers and romantic interests see as insecure and doubtful. 

We make it easy for patients that live far from Omaha; you can be our guest at one of the fine Hotels in the Old Market area and we arrange transportation to and from the hotel. read further.You can have a relaxing recovery and enjoy walking around down town or visiting wonderful events and sites like For example, our World Class Omaha Zoo and spectacular Lauretzen Gardens; or take a relaxing walk along the Central Park Mall, then around Conagras Big Pond with a huge fountain and finally down along the River past the cool working men sculpture  that toiled in the once hot metal works foundries along the river; check out the the sledge hammer about to crack down; that was all that was showing and take a fabulous suspension foot bridge over to Iowa where there . Transportation to and from the office as well as Hotel expense is covered by us when patients have complete arch reconstruction with dental implants and porcelain teeth  that way we can keep you over to make sure your healing proceeds nicely.

Scared of the Dentist? 

Individual Dental  Implants                                                             We provide a wide variety of dental implant services depending on patient's needs. To set up an appointment for a free consultation call  Melissa our implant coordinator. She can answer some of your questions or you can talk to Dr. Starkey himself 402.740.9235 cell 402.926.4848 work, or email mike

The Life Smile Lift
The more conservative alternative to All-On-4 Dental implant bridge you have read about so much lately.

Yes it is true that when you have no remaining teeth left then all on four or five or six approach is great but when you have several teeth left taking them all out at once could be a mistake. And the reason is "bone loss." By keeping certain teeth at the time of implants the dentist is able to prevent bone loss. The result is a more esthetic result and a less difficult transition to a full implant bridge over time, and it is less up front cost to the patient

Is it time for you to be brave at your next dental treatment?

​Not if you don't have to; you can be fearless about something else. Make dentistry easy on your self with sedation dentistry.

                                                               There are many fears you may have to address but thank goodness dentistry doesn't have to be one of them. Make your dental visit calm and comfortable. It is just easier for patients  to get through dental visits with our Sedation Dentistry. For inquiries or to set up a free consult call us at 402.926.4848 or email us at
When teeth are lost as well as when there is gum disease the result is the destruction of alveolar bone; that is the bone that supports teeth; with in a few months half of the bone needed to support teeth disintegrates when a tooth is pulled/.
Same day visit extraction, implant, and provisional crown 
Now you don’t have to be without teeth and get more done in one appointment.
Conditions apply

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​​It is difficult to restore the body to optimum health when one dislikes going to the dentist. The mouth is the gateway to a healthy body. And it is through the mouth that we can live longer healthier and happier lives. Our mission is to help you regain your oral health so that your whole body is healthier. The result is a happier patient and a longer healthier life for you.

Comfortable Care with  Twilight Sleep for Dental Implant Treatment  and most all of your other dental needs

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